2018 Ice Hockey Application

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    Please provide your credit card information to make your secure non-refundable payment of $399 US Dollars to enroll in the 2018 Pre-Prep Showcase®, L.L.C. We reserve the right to decline a player's application for any reason and refund your money at any time.
    I/we acknowledge that ice hockey is a contact sport and there is a potential for injury. Participating or observing in the Pre-Prep Showcase®, L.L.C. may constitute serious injury, including death and/or permanent paralysis. I/we fully understand the risk and release the Pre-Prep Showcase®, L.L.C., it's owner, event organizers, staff, coaches, referees, affiliates, sponsors, participants, and arena/facilities from any liability (both financial and otherwise) that may be associated with participation or injury.