Jenelle Ries

“The Pre-Prep Showcase® is one of the best opportunities I have during the entire admission process to interact with an already interested, engaged population of families interested in a private school education. As both a coach and an Associate Director of Admission, the convenience of such a showcase is invaluable. I can not only connect with families interested in Brooks but also have an opportunity to get a sense of their athletic ability and where they could fit into our program right from the start of the admission process. Of course the athletic piece is only part of the puzzle and the Pre-Prep Showcase® does a great job emphasizing the overall process and finding the best “fit” for each student athlete. The panels, presentations, and school fair are all as important as the athletic component of the weekend. Consistently, year after year, the Pre-Prep Showcase® provides Brooks with a large number of qualified inquiring students. The showcase plays a valuable role in the admission process for both the student-athlete and the schools represented at the fair. We look forward to returning year after year.”