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“Jeff, this has been an amazing weekend. I thought I had a lot of my “ducks in a row” as our family starts to prepare for boarding school visits and applications, but the showcase exposed me to so much useful and insightful information to help us thoroughly prepare for the process. I’m especially grateful for the panel discussion lunch and presentations as it introduced me to professionals with valuable experience and insight that have cleared up a lot of confusion and insecurity we had in our preparation. I can honestly say we are now really excited to visit and complete applications this fall. On a personal note, there are few words to describe the experience of hearing Travis Roy speak, and then being able to meet him. It was awesome and inspiring. I remember seeing his story twenty years ago, and you don’t have to be a hockey player to be moved by his message. We thank you for this opportunity and will gladly spread the word of our positive experience this weekend to our friends and team mates down in XXXX and XXXX area. Best wishes to you as you wrap up the weekend and your summer.”