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“I have attended the Pre-Prep Showcase® on two different occasions. It has been a great learning experience from the first time I attended it a couple of years ago. I have learned many things and have also been guided into a new path of boarding school. Being from Canada I would have never learned this much about boarding school let alone even attend one. Last summer I attended the Showcase again. This helped me because I felt more comfortable throughout the seminars and playing in the games. The Pre-Prep has helped me meet new people and make life-long friendships. I have also met people in which I have played against, will play with, or against in the future.

The second time attending the Pre-Prep Showcase® I was very lucky to be a part of the panel. This was huge to me as I could now speak about my experiences because I had already attended a boarding school for one year. I could tell the other kids about what to expect while they first arrive on a campus. I never would have received all the attention I got without the Pre-Prep Showcase®. The Pre-Prep Showcase® has allowed me to continue to follow my dreams in becoming a professional athlete. This upcoming year I will be attending XXXX. Thanks for everything!”